Parley Manor Weddings

Parley Manor Weddings is a wedding venue in Christchurch, Dorset. The website promoting the Manor House and Gardens as a wedding venue needed to be modernised and show off the location more. The new design and content creates a classic but contemporary style meaning the benefits of the venue can be promoted fully. Use of testimonials and previous wedding photography at the venue helps to attract would be brides and grooms. A simple Alert system on the home page notifies of any cancellations becoming available, as the venue is so popular that very few days remain un-booked.

Parley Manor Weddings Parley Manor Weddings

“If you look at our website I am sure you will agree it’s an outstanding success. Furthermore, we do no other advertising and just rely on the website for all our business, what more could we ask for?” Gwen Dampney Parley Manor Weddings

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